CSOs recommendations and validation for the amendment of Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act No.6/2008.

On 26th May 2022 UNA Tanzania with the support of Pact Tanzania convened CSOs in Morogoro for a validation of proposed amendments of the Anti-Trafficking Act no 6/2008. The meeting which was held on 26th May 2022 and brought together 22 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representatives including Tanzania Relief Initiatives (TRI), Wote Sawa Tanzania, Railway Children Africa, Bridge for change, Wote initiative for Development Empowerment (WIDE) and Kiona Youth Coordinates whereas 9 Female 13 male.

The objectives of the session were to review the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act No.6 2008, propose evidence-based recommendations for amendment of the Act, and provide space for CSOs to share experiences of working around human trafficking in Tanzania. Among others CSOs representatives provided the following recommendations;

  • To Strengthen penalties/leniency and sole use of fine as a punishment vis-à-vis sentencing power.
  • Compulsory extradition of a non-national offender denies local courts jurisdiction-dependence on extradition agreement.
  • Possibility of plea-bargaining agreement in TIP offences-not excluded under s.194 of CPA

(as amended)

  • Provisions on tenure security to Committee members –job tenure, allowances, honoraria,

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