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1. General Assembly

Annual General Meeting is the highest decision making body and ranks the first in the organizational organ. It consists of all the members of the organization.

3. The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of the association that shall consist of four (4) to ten (10) prominent individuals nominated by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Assembly. The Board of Trustees must meet at least twice a year and the registered Board of Trustees of the association shall operate in accordance with the trusteeship ordinance CAP 375 and such other laws governing trusteeship in Tanzania

2. The Executive Committee

Executive committee of the association that shall consist 6 executive committee members, The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, the secretary general, Deputy secretary general, Treasurer. The ExCom meets at least once in every quarter and responsible to control the administration and finances of the association, day to day running of the association, arrange for the General Assembly of the association and may delegate any of its powers to any officer(s) or subcommittee(s).

4. The secretariat

Secretariat under the Secretary General to administer the day to day affairs of the association. The Executive committee shall determine contracting and payment of the secretariat staff. The secretariat shall hold ordinary meetings once in every two months and many more as may be required.

YUNA Organogram

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