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This committee will focus on modalities of the MUN conference. This includes preparing background information guides, preparing the rules of procedures, the selection and training of plenary and caucus group chairpersons and directors.

The members of committee will be responsible for communication with the delegates prior to the arrival and will be responsible for the day to day running of the MUN debate and facilitating final resolution and report of the conference.


The hospitality committee’s function is to arrange matters of accommodation, meals, and transport and other activities to be conducted outside the debating time by the delegates.


The communication committee will provide secretarial functions to the rest of the committees including performing public relation functions for the conference and the general publicity.

This will mainly be done through the website, publicity, media and through emails.


The fundraising committee in collaborating with hospitality committee in particular will review all the necessary requirements for the event and draw up the final budget.

The committee will do all the fundraising and financial reporting after the event.

Organizing Committee
Kelvin Edward
Coordinator TIMUN 2019
Jasmine Abdallah
Head Publicity Committee
Gyreson Mbugi
Logistics Committee
Jolson Masaki
Substantive Committee
Jessica Mikina
Substantive Committee
Irene Kijangwa
Assistant Coordinator
Winfrida Kyaruzi
Finance Committee
Omary Mwanga
Logistics Committee
Jacqueline Kalumuna
Substantive Committee
Annastazia Gura
Substantive Committee
Ally Mwamzola
Head Finance Committee & Treasurer
Prosper Mwesiga
Head Logistics Committee
Fadhili Adam
Publicity Committee
Philemon Mweleka
Logistics Committee
Farida Nassor
Head Substantive Committee
Erica Zilinde
Logistics Committee
Sajda Mohammed
Logistics Committee
Loycana Machaku
Substantive Committee
Godfrida Magubo
President - Tanzania
Benedicta Uweru
Chairperson of Caucus 1 - Nigeria
Gilbert William
Drafter Caucus 3 - Tanzania
Liam Kanhenga
General Secretary - South Africa
Geraldina Mwita
Drafter Caucus 1
Ahmada Kudura
Chairperson of Caucus 4 - Tanzania
Allytariq Abdulrazack
Chief of Protocol - Tanzania
Veronica Ndomba
Chairperson of Caucus 2 - Tanzania
Patricia Heizal
Drafter Caucus 4 - Uganda
Head of Drafter - Tanzania
Juan Rachel
Chairperson of Caucus 3 - South Sudan
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