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They are clubs formed by youth, mainly secondary school students, to function as focal points linking YUNA with youth in the school setting all over Tanzania. Hence a UN Club is a group of students joined and working together for the purpose of promoting better lives for young people under the Charter, Guidelines and Principles of the UN. All Clubs are monitored by the YUNA Tanzania head- office through UNCTN. UNCTN is a network of UN Clubs established, to link together all UN Clubs in Tanzania, and enable them to work together and share information. UNCTN is responsible to establish, rejuvenate and sustain all UN Clubs.

UNCTN Structure

The Executive committee shall consist of;

  1. The Chairperson,
  2. The Vice-Chairperson,
  3. The Secretary General,
  4. The Deputy Secretary General,
  5. The Treasurer
  6. The Chief Information Officer

Membership is open to all youth provided that;

  1. One is a student in a school (secondary school) where a UN Club operates from,
  2. One is willing to obey the rules of the Club as stated in the UN Club guide and participates fully in all the activities of the UN Club.
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