UNCTN abbreviated from United Nations Clubs Tanzania Network TANZANIA, that  is the arm of YUNA-TANZANIA which is responsible to establish, rejuvenate and sustain UN Clubs in Tanzania. UNCTN deals with  UN-CLUBS in Secondary schools Level  for the purpose of recruiting young people in secondary level through, leadership skills,  networks, youth seminars, academic training, volunteerism and participation in assisting implementation of UN Agenda.

UNCTN Caravan is the movement started in 2012 within and among UN Clubs in Tanzania towards networking and deliverance of the understanding of the core work of the United Nations and doing activities in furthering the UN Agenda.
It involves a mixed number of activities that will enable young
students from various schools to come together to learn and plan for the deliverance of their efforts toward the work of the UN and be responsible youth in their society.
The platform enables youth students to learn some extra skills that
are not usually taught in normal classes.